Manchester Restaurant Duct and canopy cleaning

A job we completed this week at a Manchester Restaurant was a perfect example of why Kitchen ducts and canopy’s should be cleaned annually to ensure they are cost effective. We arrived at the restaurant in Manchester and due to the large build of of grease in theduct and canopy┬ábefore we could even commence the canopy cleaning we had to break the canopy filters to gain access, meaning the owners incurred an additional cost as the broken filters needed completely replacing.

The inside of the ducting system was more like a sewer and our team had to use hammers and chisels to remove the build up of black carbon deposits within the ducting system, the system probably hadn’t been cleaned for years and was a perfect example of how annual cleaning of duct and canopy’s can save restaurants money in the long run. DH cleaning have numerous annual cleaning contracts for Restaurants across Manchester and the North West so if you need some expert advice on keeping your duct and canopy systems working efficiently get in touch we would be delighted to help!