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kitchen deep cleaning Manchester area

Would your  Hotel or restaurant Kitchen  pass a food Hygiene and safety test ?. If your answer is yes then you probably already have a regular schedule in place for deep cleaning your kitchen. If not are you risking your restaurants precious reputation and a fine? At DH Cleaning we can provide you a quote for ongoing regular deep cleaning of your kitchen and duct and extractor systems why not give us a call and we would be happy to visit to ensure your food preparation and cooking areas meet the required standards.

Degreasing your restaurant kitchen

The build up of grease and grime particularly in restaurants and takeaways ducting and extractor systems is not only a health risk but also a fire risk. After the busy Christmas period now is the right time to have your ducting and extractor systems inspected to ensure they are free from potential hazards. At DH complete cleaning we can visit your Manchester restaurant or takeaway and inspect your ducting and extractor systems and if required offer you a cost effective deep clean for all your kitchen equipment.

Festivities over is it time to get your restaurant kitchen cleaned?

Many restaurants and takeaways in the Manchester area see January as the perfect time to give their kitchen a deep clean. After the busiest period of the year ducting and extractor systems can get clogged with grease and grime and putting of cleaning now can have more expensive consequences later in the year. DH complete cleaning can inspect your kitchens ducting and extractor systems and recommend the best way to deep clean them, after all we don’t just clean your restaurant or takeaway kitchen we also deep clean everything in it, ensuring a sparkling start to the new year for your business. For a quote to clean your Manchester business why not give us a call now.

Ducting and extractor cleaning Manchester

We have just completed another full ducting and extractor clean for another restaurant in the city centre. The owner was amazed at the results when we had completed the work and has promised to recommend us to other Manchester restaurant owners. If you are based around the city centre and your commercial kitchen needs a deep clean please give us a call we would be more than happy to call in and give you a quote.

Kitchen Deep cleaning Manchester

Well this one was a real surprise! We got a call off a potential client last week requesting a quote for a kitchen deep clean at his Manchester restaurant. We arranged to meet at the restaurant in Manchester city centre the following day. Surprise number one was the client was a well-known celebrity chef. He was a really nice guy who chatted to us for a few minutes and then we got on to the subject of deep cleaning his kitchen. He took us through to the kitchen and shock horror it was sparkling, we have never seen appliances so clean and you could have dinned a la carte of the kitchen floor!

This one was a dilemma as hard as we tried we couldn’t find anything that needed deep cleaning in the whole of the kitchen so we thanked the client for his invitation to quote but advised him he didn’t need his kitchen deep cleaning and if he maintained the same levels of hygiene we would probably only need to clean and service his ducts and canopy on an annual basis. We can honestly say this is the first kitchen deep cleaning job in Manchester we have come across where our services weren’t required, unfortunately we can’t name the celebrity Chef but it goes without saying we will be trying out the food at his Manchester restaurant pretty soon!